Why Wood Jumps Are Preferred Over Popular Plastic

Across all or most industries in existence today, and for as long as it has been in use right up to this day, plastic has always been a popularly used material. There are many conveniences attached to plastic use, all purportedly helping men and women, and children too, get through their daily routines as easily, but also as effectively as possible. But particularly in the last few years or so, plastic has also been given its very bad name.

kids horse jumps

And one of the worst things that has been said about plastic in these last few years is what a heavy polluter it has been. You see it and you hear of it pretty much everywhere, and these days especially, in the deepest depths of the world’s oceans. Plastic is one of the worst polluters ever. But it could also be argued that it is not so much the plastic that is at fault but rather how it is used. And you see how accusing fingers point right back at you.

One of the big advantages for using plastic is that it has been helpful in promoting safety factors in everyday human life and work. This much may be true, but it is also sadly ironic. Take the idea behind utilizing kids horse jumps for example. This applies to the adult, even the professional, level as well. On the showjumping terrain and training paddocks, plastic has been widely used. But veterinary and training agents are now all arguing that the use of more traditional wooden alternatives for both horse (and especially for the horse) and child, would be a whole lot safer.

Horses are one of those creatures that do have a good memory, and when they see plastic, they instinctively seize up, recalling how badly they were injured previously.