This City Needs More Pianos & Other Instruments

Donate piano nyc

This city could be the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple as it is known to many around the world. Or Baltimore, Boston, Washington DC even. London and every single little Chinatown in the world. Well, not little, these towns are pretty huge. And what do all the great cities have in common? Noise, plenty of it, perhaps too much of it even. City dwellers and commuters may say that they are pretty used to it by now. And yet still. All over the world, more and more people are migrating to the cities to eke out a living and seek their fortune. And fame. But many of them never make it, in spite of their best efforts.

Donate piano nyc initiatives are happening, people. It’s probably happening in other parts of the world too; it must be happening. It’s great because it’s getting a lot of kids off the streets. Instead of selling themselves short doing things that could land them in heaps of trouble and in centers of detention until they reach adult age, they’re learning how to play musical instruments. Not just pianos, but drums, guitars and trumpets and trombones too. Every young kid has dreams. Many of them dream nightly about becoming future stars. Who doesn’t? Perhaps even you do still. So many talent shows on your favorite network channels at least three times a week.

All things are possible for those who hope and dream. But not all of them can act on their big dreams for the future. But with donations like these, it’s always going to be possible. And let that not be the end of it either. Plenty more donations will always help. More noise on the big city streets perhaps but at least its music.