Attractions in California

Whether you are going to California for the beaches or the shimmering streets of Los Angeles, there’s plenty more to do when it comes to finding attractions in the city. So, if you’ve got a few days to kill when you are in California, then check out these amazing tourist attractions humboldt county ca.

First, there are the massive California Redwoods that are some of the tallest trees on earth, and their parks also protect prairies, woodlands, rivers, and coastline. If you are one of those people who loves nature and being surrounded by really tall and really old trees, then walking through the parks could be a major dream come true.

Plus, you don’t even have to leave the national parks if you don’t want too. You can camp at one of the developed campsites or in the backcountry. While all the spots are closely monitored and approved b the staff of the park, you still get some solitude and peace for yourself as the night falls.

tourist attractions humboldt county ca

If you like being outside but not too much, there are botanical gardens that showcase wide varieties of flowers. The botanical garden in Humboldt holds 10 gardens, and each one holds different types of flowers that bloom in season at different times of the years. So, you could visit a garden for every season of the year, and you’ll see different flowers, wildlife, and get a different ambiance every single time.

Plus, the gardens even hold special events that educate and inform people about what goes on in them. Speaking of education, you can find the natural history museum as well as the Morris Graves Museum of Art for your viewing and educational pleasure. So there’s plenty to do in California, and while it might not be as well-known as the Hollywood sign, it’s still a great way to spend your time.