What Makes a Good Movie Theater?

With the rise of streaming sites, television, and original series popping up everywhere you turn, it might seem like the movie theater is becoming increasingly irrelevant. But people are still going, records are still being broken, and the theaters must be doing something right.

There are many reasons why seeing a movie on the big screen is so interesting, but for many people, the big screen is the reason. Seeing a movie on a massive screen that takes up an entire wall is a big change from staring at the tiny screen of your cellphone. The action, romance, and adventure is right in front of you and taking up your entire being and viewing space.

There aren’t any distractions in a Top Movie Theater, and no desire to do something else. People don’t check their phones, get up for snacks, or have whispered conversations; everyone’s watching the movie and is completely engrossed in it. You care about what is happening on the screen, and without the ability to pause or rewind, you have to be engrossed or you could miss something.

The Previews are Interesting

For this author, there’s something really cool about watching three to five trailers in quick succession. Maybe it’s the feeling of hype that every trailer invokes, or maybe it’s the giddy knowledge that your favorite film is coming out in a few months. Even if there’s a movie that you have no interest in, you can’t deny that watching the preview isn’t cool.

There’s something about the epic music, funny voices, and hype that just infects you, and it doesn’t wear off until the feature film starts.

The Food is Worth Buying

Sure, you can grab popcorn anywhere, but is it really as good as the theater? (What do they put in that stuff anyway?) Movie theaters really have expanded over time to offer a wide variety of food options, from pizza to hot dogs to candy. Sure the food might be more expensive than buying them at your local supermarket or drug store, but there’s something about snacking at the theater that just makes it all worthwhile and adds to the experience.

You are making a commitment when you buy food, to get enough to last you through the movie, and something about that choice just makes it more valuable. Because no one wants to get up and get more in the middle of an important scene.

You Can Go with Friends

Top Movie TheaterWhat do they put in that stuff anyway?)

Going to the movies is a communal activity, for first daters, old friends, families, and more. Despite being silent without any communication, watching and experiencing a movie together just brings people closer and allows for some deep post-movie discussions or laughter at the favorite scenes. While going to the theater alone and having the place all to yourself is admittedly a good feeling, having friends along is even better.

So if you’ve been eying a movie, make the time to go and see for yourself what the movie theater magic is all about